About Me: Lily Lavender Lilac

About Me: Lily Lavender Lilac

I am a 36 year old, divorced mother of one, in a relationship with a stunningly hot man that encourages me to be a better person. Apart from being a full time mom and social” mediaress”( female always posting on social media) I love to read books, magazines, posts, status even the fine print on medication.

I love to do reviews on basically anything I have used and trust. My name is LILY, I live in the beautiful land of Canada, I dabble in a lot off professions. I am a very honest and reliable person always happy to make a new acquaintance. I love reading, writing, cooking, decorating, spending time with my son and planting beautiful lilies. I hope you do like my short blogs and reviews.

One thought on “About Me: Lily Lavender Lilac

  1. Hi Lily wow it’s been long I’m glad I ran to this post I feel like I got to know you a bit more and yeah I’m loving the short writing. Nice to know you Miss Lavender I also love writing also I’m still a baby in this industry. Keep well see you around.

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