Weekly Horoscope for the Week of July 20 – July 26 2020.

Weekly Horoscope for the Week of July 20 – July 26 2020.

Ares: Although there may be a lot of focus on work right now, you may find yourself more drawn to your personal life at home. There may be a few issues that you would like to settle now since you are craving more and more comfort from a cozy home and a social lifestyle. Your common sense could drive you to do some organizing and preparing this week. Someone who made you an offer or entered into an agreement with you may begin to backtrack this week. While this may seem disappointing, it may turn out for the best.

Taurus: When we are getting to know someone new, we usually test the waters before we reveal more personal things about ourselves. We might ask questions so as to gauge how compatible our viewpoints are with the other person. If we feel like we’re on the same wavelength, we might reveal more about ourselves. You may be surrounded by some truly interesting people this week. If you hold back too much, they might never know how special you are. Life always has risks, but the rewards are often worth it.

Gemini: Important life lessons are useless if the receiver is too stubborn to pay attention to learn from it. If you recently endured a life lesson that was disguised as a problem or a conflict, be open to what you learned. You probably don’t realize it yet, but this is going to become very valuable to you in the very near future. Don’t allow powerful emotions to dictate where your passion leads you in a relationship matter or with an investment of some kind. An invitation, should you decide to accept it, could lead to a carefree evening of fun one night this week. Not only will you be able to blow off some steam, but once you relieve that pressure valve, you will be able to think far more clearly.

Cancer: When someone initiated a heavy conversation with you not long ago, you may not have been ready to deal with the emotional weight of it. Since then, you have been able to process it more thoroughly and also more peacefully. What you may not realize is that continuing that conversation now would be beneficial for you. If you have been stuck in an obligation at work or with someone who expects your help, you may be longing for the comfort of your sofa at home. Allow your imagination to go ahead and envision the comfort that is waiting for you. Working through it quickly should leave you plenty of time to relax, as the rest of the week should be pretty easy.

Leo: Someone you once found smug and self-righteous may suddenly become more endearing to you this week, Leo. This person could make a very fine ally, together you could be a powerful force. A kind word or a sweet gesture made to someone in your life who is going through a difficult time will have more meaning and will offer far more inspiration than you realize right now. If this is something you have been thinking about, then by all means make it happen. A boost in productivity with a project that has been lagging behind could occur around the middle of the week. This welcome burst of energy could occur when a mistake is discovered and repaired, or when a new solution is created for something that was holding things back.

Virgo: An epiphany could come to you suddenly this week about a matter you thought was resolved a long time ago. You may not have thought about this in years. An announcement that comes from someone close to you could be quite surprising this week, and you may wonder why you didn’t learn about it prior to this. Finalize a decision on an outstanding matter once and for all so that you can use that free space in your mind more productively.

Libra: Most people think of a group that is connected to a hobby as a great way to network and make connections that will be useful to you. You may feel in need of some emotional support now or reassurance, and leaning from someone in a group you belong to might help you feel better. This week reach out and work at developing a more personal relationship with someone you admire. This week there may be a chance to gain more insight into an idea and begin to realize just how big this could be for you. You may consider taking an emotional risk later in the week with a special someone or a family member.

Scorpio: You may be in doubt about a predicament, and it may be tapping into certain insecurities that you have always dealt with. Although you may see this as a big wall between you and something you want, it is actually an exceptional opportunity to break through a wall that has always held you back. You are entering into a much brighter period in a personal relationship and through separate personal experiences, you may finally see each other and any conflicts in a new light. You may find someone you meet this week quite magnetic, and they may feel the same way about you. But before you jump right in and reveal too much of yourself, which is uncharacteristic of you but possible now, you need to take it slow and absorb before you reveal your inner self. Take it slow.

Sagittarius: You don’t usually have any trouble at all asserting yourself, but something that occurred recently that needed your attention may have left you feeling a bit intimidated. That’s a tough thing to do, it may have made you feel less than secure about your knowledge of a certain situation. This week, important information could be made available to you, but be sure you are well versed in it before you act. Tremendous support could come from someone you would never have guessed would support you in a certain mission. If you are feeling stuck in a bad habit, especially if that habit involves saying yes to a needy person who gravitates to you often. Then, this would be a good time to take a break from that person, be kind but firm until it sinks in.

Capricorn: You are often all work and no play, but this week you may feel just the opposite. Although you are as responsible and dedicated as ever, you may have a stronger urge than usual to go out and play. Maybe wanting to do anything from catching up with old friends or family to taking a vacation you’ve always wanted to take. You may be gaining faith in a plan that seemed a bit weak at first. This may be connected to making money, as so many of your ventures seem to be focused. Continue to take it slow and learn as much as possible before taking any big risks. You may find yourself feeling less decisive than usual this week. But that’s not because you have lost the ability to make decisions. It could be that there are so many tempting and appealing offers being made to you that it could be overwhelming.

Aquarius: Feeling lonely is not unique to anyone, we all feel that way now and then. When you feel that way, you tend to isolate yourself even further. But if you would love to have some company, try reversing your usual approach. You start a conversation, call an old friend you haven’t talked to in a long time. Sit alone at a coffee shop and smile at someone who will probably smile back. This week offers many chances to connect and have human interactions, you may have the urge now to break out of an old pattern in a familiar relationship. It isn’t that there has been trouble, it may just be that you have long suspected that things could be better. You could initiate a deeper, more interesting conversation with this person than usual by delving into the family history that you share and imagining the connections that go back to your roots.

Pisces: You may wish that all the resources you need to begin something big would just magically appear in front of you. That be wonderful if that was the case, unfortunately, it probably isn’t going to happen that way. You dream big dreams, and you often expect them to manifest because you have a powerful passion for them. But you can’t just wish what you need into being. You can, however, work at building what you need, you are clever and hard working for sure. This week, chances to make connections that will give you a good start will become available to you, so don’t just dream about it. You may have a secret admirer, who has been observing you quietly from afar because they admire something that you do well, or perhaps they are just enthralled by your kind and mystical nature. You can probably sense the attention, and getting to know someone like this would be a good idea this week. You could use a good friend who is on your wavelength. Be receptive to someone new who seems to be a kindred spirit.

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